META-STASIS formed through the Zygotic union of two of the vilest genetic mutations around, Sikth & Ted Maul.

Originally started as a studio project, META-STASIS have swiftly developed into one of the most ground breaking extreme metal bands in the UK. Combining psycho-extreme-tech-death metal and industrial/jungle, instantaneously you will find yourself lowered into the darkest depths of madness.

Since the recent departure of Dan “lord” Foord (Ex Sikth) the band have welcomed a few other patients to the META-STASIS asylum, however, following frontal lobe lobotomies both Matt Holland (Ex Man must die) & Josh Hammond’s (Ex Rise to Remain) treatment has been so successful they have managed to escape and have not been seen since. “Approach with Caution, both men are armed and dangerous” and please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the current Meta-stasis asylum patients below for they pose a severe risk to society.

With incredible reviews from Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Kerrang and with such personal endorsement from people like the legendary Kerry King (Slayer) and Steve Asheim (Deicide) rating Meta-stasis the next best extreme metal band to come out of UK’, Meta-stasis debut album, ‘When the Mind Departs the Flesh’ has set the tone for a new era in extreme metal.

Meta-stasis have finished recording their second album with the mighty Scott Atkins (Grindstone Studio). In addition Meta-stasis have finished producing two new music videos. With a string of headline shows across the UK in the coming months and an ever increasing number of festival bookings across Europe throughout the summer, it is already written in blood that the world is about to bare witness to the most refreshing new extreme metal bands around.

Dare you follow the deprived minds in to their darkness? You sick twisted fucks, we knew you would…
Patient 01: Paul ‘Ripply Dipper’ McGarry : Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Stenosis
Patient 02: Dave ‘Heretic’: Tendinosis & Impulse Control Disorder
Patient 03: Benny ‘Rotten’ Green: Low Dead Pulses Department of Bass
Patient 04: Rich “The head” Grindon: Extreme High Blood Pressure & Irregular Heart Beats
Patient 05: Solomon.J.Lucifier.Christ: Throat Disorder & Psychiatric S-scapes
Patient 06: Anon: With a genetic make-up unknown to man we have been unable to identify this masked lunatic

Visit or\meta-stasis666 for future gig or updates of the band.